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March 2019


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wheelAIR: Keeping You Cool, Comfortable & In Control

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The wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion is the modern solution to overheating in a manual wheelchair. Combining function and style, it has transformed lives.

This is true for the lives of Michael and Alistair.

Sitting in a chair all day evidently leads to heat and moisture build-up, not to mention the additional increase due to medication, injury or activity. Unlike other backrest cushions boasting about increased airflow through a 3D spacer mesh, the wheelAIR’s patent pending innovative battery-powered air-flow technology is here to bring real change and true innovation.

Adjustable silent and non-intrusive airflow is guided through channels and evenly dispersed through a unique fabric whilst a blend of memory foams makes the wheelAIR backrest far more comfortable and supportive than standard backrest cushions.

Regulating temperature through cooling technology is of particular worth to those with a spinal cord injury. Below the injury point, there is often little ability for their bodies to send overheating signals or respond by sweating.

Michael and Alistair have both sustained a spinal cord injury, however they are at very different stages of their recovery. Michael has lived with a spinal cord injury for many years and gone on to compete in the Paralympics, whereas Alistair is at the very beginning of his rehabilitation. The wheelAIR has positively impacted both of their lives. 

Michael – staying cool wherever life has taken him

Michael Kerr sustained his spinal cord injury as a teenager, so now at the age of 35, he has deep knowledge of his condition. Indeed, competing in countless sporting competitions worldwide for wheelchair rugby, including the sweltering climates of Rio in 2016, he is acutely aware of the problems overheating can bring.

Hyperthermia can lead to heatstroke - symptoms of which are altered behaviour, rapid heartbeat, vomiting and headache. Worst cases still can lead to organ damage. It is vital to stay cool.

Michael often had to use invasive and impractical solutions - both during competitions and when travelling to warmer climates. He used wet towels, water sprays and often ice packs to maintain a safe body temperature.

Therefore, when we met him at Naidex last year, Michael was more than interested in finding out more about the wheelAIR. It finally offered him an unobtrusive solution to overheating. Since using wheelAIR the past year, Michael waved goodbye to the many struggles associated with overheating.

Michaels enthusiasm for the wheelAIR has led to him becoming our official brand ambassador. He now uses it to keep him cool wherever life has taken him – be it a trip to the supermarket or an adventure to Glencoe! 

Alistair – wheelAIR speeding up the road to recovery

Recently, we met Alistair who is currently in rehabilitation in Glasgow’s Spinal Unit. He is at the place where Michael was 20 odd years ago, spending a lot of time working hard in physiotherapy.

Continued internal injuries and essential physiotherapy elevate Alistair’s temperature during rehabilitation both during the day and at night. His temperature is often erratic as his body adjusts to his injury.

The wheelAIR is helping Alistair avoid heat related complications and is ensuring he can focus maximum energy into his recovery.

Not only this, the wheelAIR offers Alistair more support than current backrests because of the viscoelastic foams used – they mould to the shape of his back which enhances posture. A simple addition to his comfort now, and a huge influence in avoiding back problems due to bad posture in the years to come.

Best of all: the wheelAIR is designed to be durable, every element can be replaced over time, if needed. So, the wheelAIR will have Alistair’s back whatever adventures he plans in the future.

Through these stories, it becomes clear that using the wheelAIR improves both health and lifestyle. And those with spinal injuries are just but one group who it benefits. The wheelAIR makes sure all manual wheelchair users – and even some electric wheelchair users with a canvas backrest – stay cool, comfortable and in control.

Come to our Naidex stand #9150, to buy a wheelAIR at a special discount, only revealed at the show. Also, if you would like to chat to Michael about his experience with wheelAIR, swing by our stand. He will be joining us at set times throughout the show.

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