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March 2019


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What’s Important to You?

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How often have you felt not listened to when decisions are being made about your care? Well now there’s a new law promising to make this illegal. And values-based practice can help deliver on that promise.

All too often people with disabilities feel that their care is decided for them not with them. All too often people with disabilities feel that other people are deciding what is best for them without listening to what they actually want.

A recent decision of the UK Supreme Court made this illegal. The 2015  ‘Montgomery ruling’ made it illegal to take decisions that affect someone’s health or social care without taking account of what matters or is important to the person concerned. Montgomery thus put individual values at the heart of a shared process in which professionals and patients make decisions together.

But just how is Montgomery to be made a reality? How is legal principle to be turned into effective practice? This is where values-based practice - a new and powerful approach for working with values being developed in Oxford - comes into play.

In three linked sessions we will be exploring the challenges of implementing values-based practice in Montgomery-style shared decision-making from the perspectives respectively of service users, practitioners and service providers.

The sessions will be interactive and include opportunities for participants to suggest on-going work with the recently launched Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care at St Catherine’s College in Oxford (website below).

The first session (led by David Crepaz-Keay, Head of Empowerment and social Inclusion at the Mental Health Foundation) will include a presentation illustrating the significance of shifting from practitioners’ to patients’ values in a new person-centred approach to suicide risk management.

The second session (led by Ashok Handa, Tutor for Surgery in Oxford) will describe training developments in values-based practice with medical and other clinical staff and their patients. Ashok will include clinical examples illustrating how such training supports shared decision-making in the context of a busy surgical outpatient clinic.

The third session (led by Peter Lyne, Founder of MASIS, the Mobility and Support Information Service) will illustrate the power of on-going collaboration between an experienced service provider and the Centre in developing shared decision-making for disability services that ensure we are ‘More than the Treatment’ (see also his Guest Speaker talk at 1.15pm on April 25th).

Members of the presenting team will be glad to talk with delegates outside the seminars. Peter Lyne will have information about the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice on his MASIS stand (Stand No. 12244 Hall 6 on both days of NAIDEX).

The three sessions also tie in with a seminar by Dame Sue Bailey on values-based practice in child and adolescent mental health services.

Montgomery is for everyone. So whether you are a service user, a practitioner or a service provider, come and help us make it a reality with the new resources of values-based practice.

- Session 1 Service user perspective: David Cepaz-Keay with Bill Fulford, Ashok Handa and Peter Lyne - Thursday 26th of April; 11:00-11:30; Theatre 3

- Session 2 Practitioner perspective: Ashok Handa with David Cepaz-Keay, Bill Fulford and Peter Lyne - Thursday 26th of April; 12:30-13:00; Theatre 9

- Session 3 Service provider perspective: Peter Lyne with David Cepaz-Keay, Bill Fulford and Ashok Handa - Thursday 26th of April; 15:30-16:00; Theatre 6

For more information on values-baaed practice and to get involved please go to


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