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March 2020


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Exhibitor Name: BAWA Cane
Stand Number: N292

A smart cane for better visual wayfinding.

BAWA Cane is a product of Wangi Lai PLT, a startup based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on the Borneo islands. We present you BAWA Cane, a smart cane for the visually impaired that clips onto existing white cane that reduces head-level and fall accidents, powered by big data and the internet of things.

Mobility challenges is a life challenge for the visually impaired. We want to think of those who want to be more independent in their daily lives. Here, we propose a radical solution: A cane equipped with the internet of things and big data.

BAWA Cane features a lightweight sensor cluster to improve obstacle detection and avoidance, a huge support for getting obstacles known to the user. This creates fewer accidents, gets the user to navigate with less time, and empowers the user to get more things done - work, play, socialize.

BAWA Cane is all set with voice navigation, connected to transportation services, and is able to relay emergency alerts to loved ones. We aim to continuously grow the capabilities of BAWA Cane to enable more insights and foresight of the surrounding environment. This is powered by big data analytics, and BAWA Cane users will be able to connect it with mobile phones and wearable devices.

Imagine a world with better chances for the visually disadvantaged. The more participation, the better. Maximizing our users' ability to participate in society means a lot to us. BAWA Cane is the support technology that provides that self-confidence.

BAWA Cane empowers every blind and visually impaired with the technologies that revolutionize the way they become mobile, with the hope to increase the access to get to what they want to achieve.

Visit Wangi Lai PLT (Stand No.: N5112) at Naidex, and feel free to visit our website:


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