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Exhibitor Name: Trilift UK Ltd
Stand Number: N11082

Revolution in Mobility Scooter and Powerchair transportation hits the UK!

Transporting your Mobility Scooter or Powerchair has never been easier.
Trilift UK Ltd is undoubtedly `The next generation in mobility Scooter and power chair transportation.` In an era when the majority of us are consumed in the latest technology and must have gadgets, for some a degree of independence and the ability to remain mobile would be high on their wish list.

We've just reached our first anniversary and we at Trilift UK could not have envisaged just how popular this latest innovation is proving to be. However, we won`t be resting on our laurels just yet. Here in the UK alone, we have more than 350,000 Mobility Scooter users that rely on their mobility device as part of their everyday life, our work will not be complete until every user has seen the benefits using Trilift can bring.

Though these mobility devices are great for zipping round shopping malls and town centres, sometimes getting them there in the first place can often be challenging, demanding a degree of physical might and ability; either through taking them to bits or by lifting them in to the back of your car.

A typical mobility scooter will last around 12 miles on a full battery charge, but other factors can drastically reduce this and must be considered; such as gradients and terrain conditions.

Trilift UK Ltd identified a market for making Scooter & Power chair transportation, simple and affordable, and have come up with the ideal solution.

Launched in the UK early in 2018, the Trilift is a unique and innovative product that attaches to a vehicles tow bar and is wired directly to the vehicle battery. The Trilift engages with a coupling bracket that is permanently fixed to the Mobility Scooter or Power chair which by the flick of a switch is then raised and locked in place on the rear of your vehicle . . . . it really is that simple!

We now have in place a team of sales consultants throughout the UK, servicing leads from National advertising and from trade exhibitions such as Naidex and Disability Awareness days.

For more information please visit our website: or email: or Tel: 0800 2465901

Trilift UK Ltd have exclusive distribution rights for the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

0191 492 8216

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