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Exhibitor Name: Steyne Manufacturing Ltd - Comfyrider.
Stand Number: N8132

Comfyrider Steyne Manufacturing Ltd. Comfyrider a brand new patented product ,designed to fit most mobility scooters with a flat base ( foot rest ).
Comfyrider is a simple spring loaded clip on device. and used to support one or both legs ,when riding a mobility scooter. the legs are held in a u shaped padded support with the knee held in a 20 - 30 degree position for the best circulation and joint comfort.
The design means that no drilling or bolting is required on the scooter and foam inserts are used to protect the scooter and adjust support to fit most types of scooter.
The design also allows for the scooter to be used in the normal riding position without using the leg support or having to remove the leg support. No more resting your legs on the mud guards or cushions to find the most comfortable position.
All aluminium frame construction , means a durable, long lasting, light and strong product, which is fully recyclable .Although the product was first thought of in 2013 , research development and patented design as led to the company being formed in 2017 and manufacture and retail commenced in October 2018.Steyne manufacturing ltd is a small company based in South Wales. but is the only Company in the world manufacturing this new product.


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