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Exhibitor Name: Simple-Laces
Stand Number: N916

VELCRO shoelaces. Makes any shoe easy to fasten/unfasten.

SIMPLE-LACES are non-elastic, adjustable, press shoelaces. SIMPLE-LACES use the hook and loop concept (also known as VELCRO) and it only requires one finger to fasten and unfasten, yet they won`t come loose accidentally. SIMPLE-LACES are easy to insert and take out and require no extra hardware to fasten. The laces are design to fit all types of shoes that have eyelets/holes. The laces resemble conventional shoelaces once fastened, thus providing a casual, sporty or dressy appearance. SIMPLE-LACES were design primarily for those with short or long term disabilities that hinder their ability to tie shoelaces.

The benefits are:
ONE FINGER PRESS (NO KNOT SENSE): People with one finger or prosthetic hook clamps can use them. You can also use it with a reacher grabber. It takes very little effort to press or pull.

NOT-ELASTIC: They don`t turn the shoe into a slip on; therefore, easy to slip in and out of them once unfastened. They can also be adjusted to accommodate the desire pressure on top of the foot, unlike elastic laces that provide unequal pressure along the top.

NO-TRIPPING: Because of their patent design, they can be cut to desire length, eliminating excess lace without affecting the integrity of the lace. This makes them impossible to trip over when unfastened.

STRONG GRIP: Tested for 7 pounds of force per lace. Using multiple laces ensures that your footwear will remain securely on your foot.

NO-EXTRA HARDWARE: These are self-contained laces, requiring no extra hardware to stay fasten. They are made of materials that are non-corrosive. Strong hold even when wet.

SIMPLE-LACES SPORTS are recommended for those who are involved in activities were shoelaces demand more adherence to stay fastened. Their unique design allows the lace to attach to itself at any point of the lace. The laces have been tested to hold over 30 pounds of tension, making them virtually impossible to unfastened accidentally under any circumstance. Yet, they only require only one finger to fasten and unfastened. Ideal if wearing gloves or if using Ankle Foot Orthotics.

Another benefit for the Sports version is that they can easily be unfasten, without the need to cut them off, in order to remove the shoe from a broken, sprained or otherwise injured foot or ankle during sports.

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