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26 & 27
March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Exhibitor Name: Pyxis
Stand Number: N12142

Dear fellow explorers, your next adventure starts here.

We're a mobility shop, but better.

Our wheels are for the travellers, the wanderers, the livers of life; those of us that are always asking `where to next?`

We're fanatic about our products and generally won't shut up about how awesome we think they are. Something you might notice when you come to see us. ;)

Alinker walking bike
`But what is a walking bike?` we hear you ask. A revolutionary bit of kit that you ride like a bike but push with your feet/foot instead of using pedals. It's 100% human-powered and we can confidently say it's more fun than any other walking aid.

Carbon Black II
A stunning new chair made from carbon fibre. It's so unbelievably lightweight and practically renders us speechless every time we gaze upon its glory.

Trekinetic (active and powered)
These wheelchairs are beasts. All-terrain chairs with incredible features for seamless switching between `everyday` and `adventure`.

***Introducing Scoozy*** the smart scooter
With more tech features than you can shake your mum at, the Scoozy is brand new to the UK and is THE scooter for adventurers.

Come along to our stand to try out any of our products and experience our unbounded enthusiasm.

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