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Exhibitor Name: NoviPel ApS
Stand Number: N6022

VisU provides the professional sense of touch to facilitate PFMT.

With VisU - Novipel aims to offer a solution for the patient, the healthcare practitioner (HCP) and society. By providing an objective tool - the aim is to reduce the taboo of stress urinary incontinence and reduce the need for adult diapers and shame.

VisU provides objective data allowing pelvic floor exams to be done with a calibrated sensor unit to replace the subjective practice of digital palpation. The unique sensor placement and APP provide a full visual biofeedback tool with the professional sense of touch to optimize the protocol for diagnosis and pelvic floor muscle training.

Research shows that 80% of the professionals introduced to the prototype are interested in using VisU and we are aiming for the professional implementation. Initial clinical tests are planned to further verify VisU`s method and data as superior.

39% of all women aged 40-60 are affected by stress urinary incontinence and after the age of 75 this number increases to 50%. This is a taboo subject carrying a negative impact on quality of life and a large cost in society. As populations age, the adult diaper market is exploding. Meanwhile, there is no `golden standard` for monitoring the condition of stress urinary incontinence. NoviPel aims to have VisU become this needed gold standard.

NoviPel has raised funding from Danish government grants and private investment to support R&D and IP. NoviPel is now seeking 1.5 M euro to fund clinical tests, IP updates, production and certification for the launch of VisU Pro.

Interested investors please contact:
Alexander Hennings, CEO

or Diana Durieux, CMO

+45 26 85 99 92

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