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Exhibitor Name: K-Laser UK Ltd
Stand Number: N6061

K-Laser Therapy: a scientifically proven, non-invasive, versatile, profitable treatment option.
K-Laser UK Ltd supplies, installs, trains, educates and provides on-going support and development for healthcare professionals investing in K-Laser. We want our customers not only have the best therapeutic laser globally, but be available when they have new staff or queries on how to treat patients and improve their techniques. The online modular courses
help continue learning with examines. The in-built Wifi connectivity allows automatic software updates to ensure the protocols used today are not redundant tomorrow. The K-Laser grows with your business and continues to improve and enhance the protocols as we and other institutes publish validated trials on photobiostimulation and improved clinical outcomes. We learn and pass on experiences and knowledge to ensure clinicians using K-Laser continue to get the most of the equipment as it improves month-by-month, year-by-year. A true partner now and for the future to improve clinical outcomes for health and pain management today and tomorrow.
K-Laser is the only Commercial Therapy Laser with published data to show depth of penetration with sufficient energy to create biological changes within short treatment protocols
K-Laser combines Class IV power, 4 wavelengths, 0 - 20,000 pulse frequencies = unique protocols = no therapy laser equipment comes close to it technologically or scientifically
Calibrated protocols based on Size, Colour, Parts of Body, Chronicity, and Pain levels = huge degree of specificity to ensure safe and accurate dosage of energy to defined target tissues across whole of human population
Despite power red/infra-red laser diodes are not much bigger than 50 pence piece = competitors have huge 1980's machines to house their "poor" technological diodes
Constant endeavour to improve and enhance clinical outcomes - inbuilt WIFI links to internet = regular update on protocols to create better, more defined protocols remotely - constant evolution. Huge research and development on core science and clinical
publications to validate protocols
K-Laser is:
Compatible with existing medical, manual and surgical techniques Enhances clinical outcomes from minor to major injuries - advances status quo
Improves quality of healing preventing future breakdowns
Reduces pain and inflammation allowing clinicians to do more for the patients' rehab earlier
Reduces time off the sports field or work by reduced rehabilitation period
Has proven, published data on the range of clinical applications validate its use
Is portable, powerful and non-invasive - fits in with a busy, active, traveling medical team
Is constantly evolving and enhancing the protocols to optimise clinical outcomes - in-built Wifi
Enhances body's own biological system to work more efficiently and effectively at healing
No consumables - environmental

Contact us:
Email : Phone : 07428 474847

07428 474847

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