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Exhibitor Name: Hft Personalised Technology
Stand Number: N1032

Hft is a recognised leader in using personalised technology. Our approach to personalised technology means we look at what people want to achieve first, before then exploring whether assistive technology could help. It is also referred to as assistive technology but we call it personalised technology because the solution is tailored to the individual and their needs - putting the person at the centre.

Hft specialises in using creative solutions to increase independence, safety, privacy, choice and control for people with learning disabilities and complex needs. We have a dedicated team of personalised technology experts who implement personalised technology solutions to improve quality of life outcomes for people with disabilities, whilst increasing efficiencies.

Our success is directly linked to our investment in specialist technology solutions and our extensive knowledge of the most up to date options, which are personalised to individuals - hence the term `personalised technology`.

We have a personalised needs assessment process, which includes:
- Easy to use and safe appliances, systems, and equipment for promotion and maintenance of independence, wellbeing, choice and control;
- Specialist solutions for people with autism, taking into account sensory and other needs;
- Ongoing responses to the changing needs of individuals;
- Personalised technology now and in the future (future-proofing buildings for technology installations).

Our specialist Personalised Technology team can offer the following services to any person or organisation looking to make more of the benefits that personalised technology can provide:

Person-centred personalised technology assessments:
-An initial face-to-face assessment at the person`s home
-Assessment and recommendation report
-Follow-up and support

Personalised Technology training: A half day interactive training session covering:
-What is personalised technology?
-Who can benefit?
-Why use personalised technology?
-The potential outcomes of using personalised technology

Consultancy services:
-Knowledge and advice on technology solutions
-How to implement technology solutions into services
-Bespoke training days for specific services or needs

From specialist telecare systems to safer bath-plugs, assistive technology can enhance the lives of the people we support - but only where it supports an individual`s unique desires and needs. At Hft we conduct detailed person-centred assessments with the people we support, working with them and their families and support staff to find creative ways for technology to improve their lives, both now and in the future.

In other words, it`s not about the technology itself: it`s about the person and how we can help them to live the best life possible that really counts.

07468 717471 / 0117 403 5606

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