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Exhibitor Name: Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs
Stand Number: N7112

Comfortable All terrain wheelchairs suitable for in and outdoor use

Trekinetic Powered GTE & Manual K2 Wheelchairs : Everyday chairs with the ability to handle most off road conditions whilst sufficiently manoeuvrable to be equally at home indoors

Manual K2 & Powered GTE have 2 large front wheels. This means no small castors to get stuck in rough or uneven terrain. Suitable for woodland, gravel, beaches and snow
Monocoque tilt in space seat, rear shock absorber and mountain bike tyres Ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Wonderful for people with back or neuropathic pain.
Bespoke made Many personal adaptations available making the chairs suitable for a range of disabilities. Possibly the only chairs suitable for children right through into adulthood
Easily switch from powered to manual Conserve battery life and / or keep fit. Great for an upper body workout
GTE Weighs JUST 36kg
It is probably the lightest all terrain Powered Wheelchair in the world, and possibly the only one that can be lifted and put in most cars.
Large front wheels
Provide for up to 30% greater propulsion
Small rear castor
Means the chairs can turn on their own axis, which makes them (probably) the only all terrain wheelchair suitable for in and outdoor use.
Variable Camber bar
Provides for increased safety. Can be manually turned without need for tools
Formula 1 heritage
Guaranteed outstanding capability and state of the art engineering.
Multi award winning & eye catching
People stop and talk to you rather than avoiding eye contact. A wheelchair you can be proud to own and be seen in. See me not my chair !

Chairs are available to hire

Trekinetic chairs have been described by many owners as `life changing, liberating and autonomous`. So if you want the freedom to choose where you go, choose Trekinetic

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