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26 & 27
March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Naidex Awards 2019

In the last few years, the independent living industry has been growing at a remarkable rate. This has led to the launch of an incredible range of products and services that are significantly improving people’s lives! The Naidex Awards take a look at these and reward and celebrate the best of the best.

Our selected finalists all have considerably impacted and improved the disability and independent living industries. Each will showcase their product or service to a panel of industry-leading experts in front of a live audience, but it will be up to the judges to decide on the winners.

Each nominee has the opportunity to pitch their product to a judging panel of esteemed professionals, with one winner being chosen for each category.

Awards Area Stand #N13020

The Naidex Innovation

The Naidex Professional Award

The Naidex Changing Lives Award

Able Magazine Best in Show Award

The Naidex Innovation Award | Tuesday 26th of March - 11:00

Recognising the innovator who has created a solution that has transformed the independent living sector, outstanding through such factors as design, usability and accessibility.

2019 Finalists:

  • Computer Room Services

    Computer Room Services

    Stand No: N3112

  • NoviPel ApS

    NoviPel ApS

    Stand No: N6022

  • tmsuk UK Limited

    tmsuk UK Limited

    Stand No: N5130

  • Electric Mobility Euro

    Electric Mobility Euro

    Stand No: N12102

  • The Powerchair Company

    The Powerchair Company

    Stand No: N9122

The Naidex Professional Award | Tuesday 26th of March - 14:00

Credits the innovation that has made an immeasurable contribution towards the healthcare, profession both now and into the future.

2019 Finalists:

  • Sensara


    Stand No: N8042

  • Canary Care

    Canary Care

    Stand No: N11034

  • MyLiferaft


    Stand No: N11036

  • RK Medicare

    RK Medicare

    Stand No: N7011

The Naidex Changing Lives Award | Wednesday 27th of March - 11:00

Celebrating the product or service that has had a significant positive impact on its user, by contributing to the achievement of their goals.

2019 Finalistss:

  • Transreport


    Stand No: N9083

  • Dianceht


    Stand No: N6012

  • CogniHealth


    Stand No: N7050

  • Paige Design GmbH

    Paige Design GmbH

    Stand No: N11070

  • Soloc Ltd

    Soloc Ltd

    Stand No: N12101

Able Magazine Best in Show Award

Able Magazine logo

Able Magazine invites you to submit your products for review at Naidex.

Able Magazine is the UK’s favourite disability lifestyle publication and is again a media partner with Naidex for the 2019 event. We will be running their annual competition to find the product most deserving of the Able Magazine Best In Show Award.

Disabled people are always looking for lifestyle solutions. Part of this process will undoubtedly include sourcing good quality products and assistive technology. We want to help you to share the best of these ideas with our readership of disabled people and their carers – many of whom will be attending the forthcoming Naidex 2019 event.

The competition is based on Able Magazine’s regular product review process and we’re inviting exhibitors to submit their products for review. (Simply send details to and we’ll review the product at Naidex.)

We’ve been writing about disability issues and the best in disability products for over 20 years and have developed a trusted voice within the disability community. We continue to provide reviews of disability products with our well-known ‘star ratings’ system in every editoin, in order to help disabled people make informed choices about their purchases.

The method behind our ratings is very simple and relies on grading in four main areas:
Function: Is it well made? Is it effective and easy to use?
Form: Does it look good? Is it stylish or mundane?
Innovation: Does it represent new ideas?
Cost: Is it good value for money?

All you need to do is email: to let us know that you’ve got a product in mind that you’d like us to review.

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